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Turbosmart Pneumatic Fuel Cut Defender FCD-1

Turbosmart Pneumatic Fuel Cut Defender FCD-1

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Part Number: TS-0303-1001

The FCD-1 allows for an accurate increase in the factory fuel cut-out level without the need for cutting/splicing wires or affecting off-boost conditions. Suited to most turbo cars using a MAP sensor. The unit can be locked to prevent tampering.

Most late model cars have in-built defense mechanisms to guard against increases in boost pressure. Such systems are important, but can be an obstacle when increasing boost pressure and the performance of your turbocharged engine.

Turbosmart FCDs provide a reliable and accurate increase in the factory fuel cut-out level.
A Turbosmart FCD will allow boost pressure to be increased above the factory level and prevent momentary shutdown of the fuel injectors - hence maximising the factory turbo system.

Supplied With:
Hose, tee fitting and a mounting bracket.

Suits most turbo cars.
To be used in conjunction with a Turbosmart boost controller.
A typical FCD-1 setup places the unit between the intake manifold and a MAP sensor.

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