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Lava Rock Super High Temp Turbo Beanie / Medium T3 Size

Lava Rock Super High Temp Turbo Beanie / Medium T3 Size

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Part Number: T3-LRTB

The Lava Rock T3 Turbo Beanie will fit most small to medium sized turbos.

LR (Lava Rock) technology (Made with Pulverized Lava Rock material) offers the best thermal protection for turbos available.

The level of heat Lava Rock (LR) turbo beanies will repel is much greater than similar turbo blankets, up to 2000 Degrees Celsius
These are serious Turbo Beanies for serious power producing turbochargers.

When it comes to turbo charged vehicles, the extreme engine compartment heat might be reducing the maximum output of the turbo.
Although its not possible to prevent all of the engine compartment heat that limits the performance of a turbo, our quality turbo beanies will help reduce it considerably.

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