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SQ Engineering SXE10 3SGE Beams Slimline Rear Water Housing

SQ Engineering SXE10 3SGE Beams Slimline Rear Water Housing

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Part Number: SQSLRH-SXE

SQ Engineering SXE10 3SGE Beams Slimline Rear Water Housing

Suits 3SGE Beams SXE10 Altezza blacktop engines.

A common problem for those doing a 3SGE Beams engine conversion is the clearance from housing on the rear of the cylinder head to the firewall. This housing protrudes quite far outwards and has hoses / fittings that are often not needed or facing in an unwanted direction.

We have developed a simple solution that addresses these issues in the form of a new replacement housing. This gives more clearance, removes redundant hoses, simplifies the heater connection and as a result makes for a neater looking engine conversion that also helps avoid the need for any modifications to the firewall.

Features / advantages
Increased clearance: These replacement housings are close to half the total height of the original and are so slim that they sit level with their mounting studs, also there is a flat step on the top of one side to give extra clearance where its needed the most on many conversions.

The only modification requires is a slight shortening of the oil drain hose with a knife.

Heater option / connection: There is provision for a single port which gives the individual the choice of running with or without a heater. This is placed in the right hand side to face directly where many common models would have their cars current heater hose fit.

When our housing fitted and the original metal coolant line under it is shortened these two hoses and fitting can be completely removed from the top of the head.
The throttle coolant feed has also been removed which is redundant for any quad throttle conversion.

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