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SQ Engineering Altezza J160 / AZ6 6Speed Shifter Relocation Kit 6MT

SQ Engineering Altezza J160 / AZ6 6Speed Shifter Relocation Kit 6MT

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Part Number: SQSRK

SQ Engineering Altezza J160 / AZ6 6Speed Shifter Relocation Kit 6MT

Position change: From the factory forward position (behind a G-engine) this kit moves the gearstick 110mm further forward, or +163mm from where its originally used in an Altezza. In terms of distance from the bellhousing face to gearstick center it is very close to that of a T50 gearbox (650mm).

Toyotas J160 / AZ6 series of gearbox from Aisin are commonly used in conversions, however the gearstick position on these are located quite far rearward. When fitted into Corollas and other commonly converted models the gear stick usually ends up considerably off the correct position, let alone fitting through the original shifter hole.
To combat this we have developed a very easy to fit kit that moves the gear stick position forward.
An OEM replacement bottom gear stick pivot bush is now supplied with each kit.
Features and advantages
- No gearbox modification or disassembly: To fit this kit no custom mods or disassembly of the gearbox housing is required.

Parts supplied
- New shifter housing
- New rear extension
- Fasteners

Parts compatibility
- Gearbox type: Pending on which engine the gearbox was originally fitted to there are two J160 variants- To suit S or G series engines. There are also two different types of shifter assembly- a steel and a die cast aluminium housing. This kit suits any J160 type and shifter, however it will not suit other non-Toyota AZ6 types as seen in some Mazda and Nissans.

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