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SQ Engineering 4AGE 20V Front Engine Lifting Hook

SQ Engineering 4AGE 20V Front Engine Lifting Hook

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Part Number: SQELF-20VF

These hooks where factory fitted to 20V engines but are often lost.
With genuine replacements being expensive we now offer an affordable replacement.

Angled outwards for chain / U-bolt clearance and finished in Silver Zinc.

These will fit Toyota 4AGE 20V / 20Valve engines including Blacktop and Silvertop from:
Corolla AE101 1991/06-1995/05
Levin AE101 1991/06-1995/06
Sprinter AE101 1991/06-1995/06
Carina AT210 1996/08-2001/12
Corolla AE101
Corolla AE111 1997/04-2000/08
Levin AE111 Trueno 1995/05-2000­­/08
Sprinter AE111 1997/04-2000/08

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