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SQ Engineering 4AGE Flywheel / Ring-gear Locking Tool

SQ Engineering 4AGE Flywheel / Ring-gear Locking Tool

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Part Number: SQFWLT-A

SQ Engineering 4AGE Flywheel / Ring-gear Locking Tool

Bolting up to an engine block this tool meshes with the ring-gear teeth of either a flywheel or flex-plate and stops the engine from turning.
Needing to only have its bolts done up finger tight this tool can be fitted or removed in under a minute.
It can be then used to remove / accurately tension the bolts for various components such as the flywheel / flex-plate, clutch and main crank pulley.

On top of the simplicity and easy of use is the question of tension accuracy.
Did you do it up to the correct amount of did a small amount of movement from the engine throw out the intended tension?
With one of these everything is held in place allowing one to take their time in accurately using a torque gauge / tension wrench to the right amount every time.

Installation video

- A-series engines: 4AGE / 7A Engines
Carina AT160 1985/08-1988/04
Corolla AE82 1985/06-1987/04
Corolla AE86 1985/06-1987/04
Corolla AE92 FXGT 1987/05-1987/­08
Corona AT141 1985/06-1985/08
MR2 AW11 1985/06-1988/03
Carina AT171 1989/08-1992/08
Corolla AE92 1989/08-1992/05
Corolla / Levin AE92 1989/05-1991/06
Sprinter AE92 1989/05-1991/06
Sprinter / Trueno AE92 1989/05-1991/06
Corolla AE101 1991/06-1995/05
Levin AE101 1991/06-1995/06
Sprinter AE101 1991/06-1995/06
Carina AT210 1996/08-2001/12
Corolla AE101 1991/06-1995/06
Corolla AE111 1997/04-2000/08
Levin / Trueno AE111 1995/05-2000/08
Sprinter AE111 1997/04-2000/08

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