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SQ Engineering 4AGE 7AFE 7AGE Exhaust Side Alternator Bracket and Tensioner Kit

SQ Engineering 4AGE 7AFE 7AGE Exhaust Side Alternator Bracket and Tensioner Kit

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Part Number: SQESABT

- This custom bracket holds either a 16 or 20V 4AGE model alternator low on the exhaust side of the engine.
- Weight reduction: this bracket and tensioner is significantly lighter than the original cast iron bracketry and holds the weight of it and the alternator much lowered down making for a more favourable center of gravity.
- Appearance: With the alternator mounted so low and close to the block the engine looks neat and simplified.

The bracket itself can be fitted to any A-series block from the 2A, 4A to the 7A.
It has a step in it to fit over the OEM 4A rear wheel drive steel block to rubber engine mount bracket.
If this isnt used then a simple optional 5mm can be fitted under the end instead.
The tensioning bracket however IS NOT COMPATIBLE with a 7AFE engine block.
The base of the tensioning bracket bolts to two bosses high near the front of the engine.
One of these is missing on the 7A block.
The tensioner base bracket can be modified or another type of tensioner self made in its place.

For those with a 4AGZE engine the factory fitted bracket holds the alternator to originally use the front row of the main crank pulley.
Using this bracket the rear row of the crank pulley is used instead.
If the supercharger is kept in place then there likely isnt enough belt wrap around the main crank pulley to avoid any slip.
Therefore its only suggested for those who use the engine for something such as with a turbo instead.
Also this only suits 4AGE type alternators, not the original 4AGZE type.


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