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SQ Engineering 3SGE Beams ITB Individual Throttle Body Adaptor

SQ Engineering 3SGE Beams ITB Individual Throttle Body Adaptor

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Part Number: SQQTB-FK

3SGE Beams Manifold To Suit Quad Throttles.

This adapter facilitates the conversion to individual throttle bodies (ITBs) or Quad Throttle Bodies (QTB) sourced from a 4AGE 20V Blacktop.
Machined from a billet aluminium plate this product makes for a bolt on upgrade that quick and easy to fit.

Advantages and design features
- Machined out of an aluminium billet.
- Requires no custom modifications to fit: Bolts to OEM manifold base using the original fasteners.
- Throttle locating dowels: Just like OEM manifolds the throttles are positively located. Without these all the throttles require careful recalibration when even a single one is loosened.
- Port match: Near ideal transitions on the faces to and from this adapter (see photos).
- Port profile / transitions: No edges, changes in angles or anything but a smooth internal port finish for the least amount of drag / turbulence.
- Throttle orientation and linkages: Throttles are bolted the correct way up and as such the throttle cable doesnt make a harsh S-shape to go into the cabin.
- Vacuum provision: Threaded with multiple outlets and comes with both barbs and plugs to leave the choice up to the individual.
- Dual TPS position: Original or facing down to run the cables under the throttle for a neater look.

Although designed and tested on the Black-top 3SGE engine this manifold will readily bolt to the intake of all the VVTI Beams 3SGE engines.


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