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SQ Engineering Toyota 4AGE 20V Distributor Blank Cover

SQ Engineering Toyota 4AGE 20V Distributor Blank Cover

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Part Number: SQDBP-20V

SQ Engineering Toyota 4AGE 20V Distributor Blank Cover

Sometimes a distributor is only needed for an ECU to read the crank angle sensor within.
Examples of this include when converting to multiple coils or when there just isnt enough physical room for the whole assembly and its leads.
In these cases the original cap and rotor button is removed and the remaining distributor base is covered and protected by this blanking cover.

Construction / design
- Machined inside and out from an aluminium billet the result is a part that is both tough yet light.
- Due to the close proximity to the heater hoses and firewall in many rear wheel drive cars very special care was made to have the lowest profile possible. As a result these covers are the slimmest there is bar none, even less than the "thinnest on the market" as claimed from another company.
- Has a smooth flat face instead of any edges that could catch and rib heater hoses.
- Semi-gloss finish for a professional look

All types of 4AGE 20V distributor without modifications (from AE101 AE111 etc)

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