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SQ Engineering Smallport 16V 4AGE Quad throttle / ITB adapter

SQ Engineering Smallport 16V 4AGE Quad throttle / ITB adapter

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Part Number: SQEIMA-16VS

SQ Engineering Smallport 16V 4AGE Quad throttle / ITB adapter

This suits:
4A-GE 16 Valve Small Port engines (1989 Onwards)

These adapters facilitate the conversion to individual throttle bodies (ITBs) sourced from a 4AGE 20V engine.

Machined from a billet aluminum plate this product makes for a bolt on upgrade that quick and easy to fit.

It is compatible with all of the front and rear wheel drive top water outlet / bypass pipe variants as well as all of the 20V throttle types.

- Machined out of single solid aluminium billet: Not welded together in a design that is likely to fatigue.
- Requires no custom modifications to fit: Bolts to OEM manifold base using the original fasteners.
- Port profile / transitions: No edges, corners, changes in angles or anything but a smooth internal port finish for the least amount of drag / turbulence.
- Vacuum provision: Threaded with multiple outlets and comes with both barbs and plugs to leave the choice up to the individual.

The flange mounting suits all types of 20V throttles.
The inside port match suits the SilverTop throttles however each of the flanges on the manifold have the outside profile of the larger Blacktop.
With this the SilverTop throttles can be bolted and used directly.
On using BlackTop throttles they require only light internal port matching to suit.

This manifold adaptor is designed such that it will suit either the front or rear wheel drive water outlet.
However if a barb is fitted to the bottom of the #1 throttle and the front wheel water pipe is used then the steel water bypass pipe will need to be modified to be able to clear.

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