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PowerTune GPS Digital Dash / Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ

PowerTune GPS Digital Dash / Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ

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Part Number: GPSDASH-GT86

Toyota GT86
Subaru BRZ

PowerTune Digital is a digital dash display that shows real-time ECU data from any vehicle with a supported aftermarket ECU or that has a supported stock ECU that is canbus compatible. PowerTune can display real-time ECU data such as speed, RPM, temperatures, sensor states and more.
PowerTune Digital dash also doubles as a data logger and includes GoPro integration to overlay ECU data onto GoPro footage. PowerTune gives you the ability to see vehicle performance and statistics in real-time.

The ultimate digital dash for your car!
- Live, real-time display of ECU data
- Customize to your desired sensor outputs, display themes, preferred RPM and shift light settings
- Set visual and audio warnings for temperature readings and sensor states
- Make adjustments for speed corrections (changed wheel size, inaccurate mechanical gauges)
- 7" LCD display (still completely visible with direct sunlight)
- Virtual drag/quarter mile timer

Includes the following:
- PowerTune Digital software and ECU communication protocols
- PowerTune Digital dash
- Mounting bracket
- 1-3 metre 12V to 5V 3amp vehicle wire-in power supply
- Interface adapter to plug directly to your ECU (Excludes Apexi Power FC, requires FC Hako/Datalogit cable)
- 12 month hardware warranty

GPS Add On Features:
- Lap Timer - able to be integrated with local racetracks
- Ability to read speed - perfect for gearbox conversions without a working speedometer
- Smooth speed readings with 10 updates per seconds

**Please note: GPS speedos are not road legal, you can use it with the mechanical one, but not alone**

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