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Plazmaman 200 Series Landcruiser Intercooler Raw Finish

Plazmaman 200 Series Landcruiser Intercooler Raw Finish

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Part Number: LC-200-IC-RAW

Plazmaman 200 Series Landcruiser Intercooler Raw Finish

"Introducing the Plazmaman premium quality replacement intercooler for the 200 Series Landcruiser.

As these vehicles are becoming older, certain parts start reaching the end of their life cycle and need replacing. One such part is the OEM factory top mount intercooler. This is apparent when you look at the underside of the core, and on the end tank edges you can see oil stain building up. This oil stain is due to small fracture of the core and oil seeping through under boost. Although this is not detrimental, it is a sign your intercooler needs to be replaced, and what better way to swap it out than with a HEAVY DUTY Plazmaman Performance bolt in replacements.

When designing the core we had to take many factors into consideration - Strength, Appeal, performance and ease of fit. We believe we have a combination of all these factors incorporated into our design, which gives you the end user, confidence to go out and use your vehicle to its maximum, what it was intended for.

The Plazmaman Intercooler core has been developed to have more than double the core strength of the OEM item, whilst at the same time have good flow (approx 35% more capacity for flow) and cooling capability (Approx additional 25% surface area) to handle the toughest terrain and Towing conditions. Adding to this we made sure this was designed to be an easy bolt on item for the average mechanic, utilising all the OEM features and sensors to make it a seamless easy transition.

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