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NISMO Oil Filter M20

NISMO Oil Filter M20

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Part Number: 15208-RN011

Performance comparison with stock engine oil filter:
Pressure loss: Providing about a 21% decrease, which allows better oil pressure.
Filter efficiency: Increase of more than 24% which allows an improvement of oil purity.
Resisting pressure strength: More than 10% improvement which allows high viscosity oil.
Life time: Increased about 37%. Longevity improved over stock.

Suits the following Nissans:
Avenir PNW10 SR20DE, PNW11 SR20DE, PNW11 SR20DET, PW10 SR20DE, PW11 SR20DE, RNW11 QR20DE, RW11 QR20DE, PNW10 SR20DE, PW10 SR20DE, W10 SR18DE, W10 SR18DE, W11 QG18DE, W11 QG18DE, W11 QG18DE
Bluebird ENU14 SR18DE, EU14 SR18DE, HNU14 SR20DE, HU14 SR20DE, HU14 SR20VE, QU14 QG18DD, QU14 QG18DE, G10 QG15DE, G10 QR20DD
Cedric/Gloria HY34 VQ30DD, HY34 VQ30DET, MY34 VQ25DD
Fairlady Z HZ33 VQ35HR, Z33 VQ35DE, Z33 VQ35DE(NEO), Z33 VQ35HR, Z34 VQ37VHR
Fuga PNY50 VQ35DE, PY50 VQ35DE
Note E11 HR15DE
Presage HU30 VQ30DE, PU31 VQ35DE, TU30 QR25DE, TU31 QR25DE
Primera Camino Wagon WHNP11 SR20DE, WHP11 SR20VE, WP11 SR18DE
Primera FHP10 SR20DE, HNP10 SR20DE, HNP11 SR20DE, HP10 SR20DE, HP11 SR20DE, HP11 SR20VE, HP12 SR20VE, P10 SR18DE, P10 SR18Di, P11 SR18DE, QP11 QG18DD, QP11 QG18DE, TP12 QR20DE,
Pulsar HN15 SR18DE, JN15 SR16VE
Serena C25 MR20DE, PC24 SR20DE, PNC24 SR20DE, TC24 QR20DE, TNC24 QR20DE,
Silvia S14 SR20DE, S14 SR20DET
Silvia S15 SR20DE, S15 SR20DET
Skyline Coupe/Sedan CKV36 VQ37VHR, CPV35 VQ35DE, HV35 VQ30DD, NV35 VQ25DD, PV35 VQ35DE, PV36 VQ35HR, V35 VQ25DD, V36 VQ25HR
Stagea HM35 VQ30DD, M35 VQ25DD, M35 VQ35DE, NM35 VQ25DD, NM35 VQ25DET, PM35 VQ35DE, PNM35 VQ35DE
X-Trail NT30 QR20DE, NT31 MR20DE, T30 SR20VET, T31 MR20DE, TNT31 QR25DE

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