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GReddy Oilcooler KIT StandardType / GR Yaris

GReddy Oilcooler KIT StandardType / GR Yaris

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Part Number: 12014640

GReddy Oilcooler KIT StandardType / GR Yaris

Product features
●This is an oil cooler kit with an oil cooler core placed in front of the radiator where it is exposed to the driving wind and has the highest cooling effect. In the Tsukuba circuit test where the temperature was 33 degrees Celsius, the stock vehicle's oil temperature exceeded 130 degrees Celsius after only the fourth lap and reached the limit of 135 degrees Celsius by the seventh lap, but the car equipped with the GReddy oil cooler had an oil temperature of 125 degrees Celsius. I was able to stabilize and continue driving.

●Since the oil cooler core is placed in front of the radiator where the installation space is narrow, GReddy direct fitting is used which can reduce the fitting installation height.

●Furthermore, a large capacity radiator (GReddy TW-R) for the GR Yaris is also under development testing.

●Oil cooler core 10 stages (clear blue paint)
●Built-in thermostat (operating temperature 75℃~82℃±2℃)
●EARL'S Prolite 350 (#10)
●GReddy fitting
*Reinforce cut processing available
*Radiator upper air guide plate processing can be

Reference work time: 5.0H

≪Product composition≫
●Core body (10 stages)
●Hose (1520mm/1260mm)
●Fittings (30°/30°/90°/120°)
●Oil block (TYPE-E)
●Special stay set

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