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GReddy DCT Cooler Kit / R35 GT-R 2007-2010/10

GReddy DCT Cooler Kit / R35 GT-R 2007-2010/10

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Part Number: 12024810

GReddy DCT Cooler Kit for R35
In the R35GTR, if the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) oil temperature exceeds 140℃, a failsafe will be activated and the throttle will remain closed.

A water-cooled heat exchanger is also installed in the stock version, but the capacity is clearly insufficient for sports driving, etc., so we have developed a DCT oil cooler kit that adds an air-cooled oil cooler core inside the left front fender. When used in conjunction with the genuine heat exchanger, the cooling water keeps the DCT oil at the optimal temperature even during low-temperature starts, increasing the operability and durability of the GR6 type transmission from circuit driving to city driving.

Product features
Install the core inside the left front fender
Emphasizing cooling efficiency, a 13-stage oil cooler core is installed inside the left front fender.

A special air duct made of FRP is included, which takes in cooling air from the front bumper and efficiently cools the core. Like the genuine oil cooler duct, a partition plate is installed inside the air duct to improve cooling performance by allowing cooling air to hit the entire core evenly.

*Drilling of the duct part on the left side of the bumper is required.

Oil block with built-in thermostat for GTR only
The oil extraction block was designed with an emphasis on precision and was completely machined from an aluminum block (anodized). The built-in thermostat and genuine heat exchanger stabilize the oil temperature at an appropriate temperature in a short time even during cold starts.

The newly designed oil block has a structure that completely blocks the line of the genuine heat exchanger and the line of the DCT cooler core.DCT oil does not pass through the genuine heat exchanger at high temperatures, so there is no loss of oil pressure and the oil Ensures flow rate to the cooler core. Also, since the water temperature and DCT oil temperature are not affected, temperature control becomes easier.

The piping from the oil block to the oil cooler core uses 14φ aluminum piping.

By piping the shortest distance, the hydraulic loss of the DCT oil pump is reduced and the oil flow rate is ensured.The aluminum piping is divided into three parts and connected with flanges and O-rings for ease of installation. The flange uses a machined aluminum flange to improve the precision of the connection part.

Adopts lightweight nylon mesh hose
The aluminum piping, oil cooler core, and piping to the oil block use #10 size fittings and lightweight flame-retardant nylon mesh hoses.

Machined aluminum oil block for R35GTR (with built-in thermostat)
A special aluminum pipe runs from the oil block to the core. (Some piping is done with black nylon mesh hose and GReddy fittings)
Comes with FRP duct with special inner blade
Compatible model: Nissan GT-R
Vehicle model: CBA-R35
Engine model: VR38DETT
Year: 07.12-10.10

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