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GReddy COMFORTSPORTS GT Slash / 350Z Z33

GReddy COMFORTSPORTS GT Slash / 350Z Z33

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Part Number: 10120709

GReddy COMFORTSPORTS GT Slash / 350Z Z33
SKU: 10120709

Product features
The theme is stylish and sports, creating a form that complements the car's design.
Specially designed for each vehicle model to improve performance.
Made entirely of stainless steel, with a buffed finish for both luxury and durability.
Adopts a large silencer to ensure a pleasant sound that does not impair comfort and road clearance when lowered.
The tail end uses a heat gradation unique to titanium material.
A reliable JASMA certified muffler.
2 years (within 30,000 km) warranty
*Coloring status will change depending on driving conditions. Please note that when driving vigorously, a yellowish change or discoloration may occur.

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If this product is not in stock it can be sea or air freighted depending on the urgency. 5-7 days (air freight) or 2-3 months (sea freight). Email to order.

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