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GReddy Bolt-on Turbo Kit / 370Z Z34

GReddy Bolt-on Turbo Kit / 370Z Z34

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Part Number: 11520097

GReddy Bolt-on Turbo Kit / 370Z Z34
SKU: 11520097

[Z34] GReddy bolt-on turbo kit T517Z-8㎠ twin
Product features
■This is a twin turbo kit that can be installed with a genuine catalyst and is vehicle inspection compatible, allowing the T517Z turbine to be bolted onto the 370Z (Z34).
(Increasing the capacity of the fuel pump and fuel injector and setting the ECU are required separately.)

■The exhaust manifold and turbine outlet are made of 4mm thick stainless steel lost wax castings that are resistant to cracks and cracks.

■On the intake side, we have adopted independent left and right intercoolers that emphasize the balance of intake air volume between left and right banks.

■It can be used with a normal engine by installing the included restrictor (boost 0.6k or less), but if you strengthen the engine (forged piston) without a restrictor (boost 0.8k), you can get more than 500ps.

・Cannot be installed on left-hand drive vehicles.
- Genuine catalyst can be installed.
・In addition to engine mount, front member cover, and bumper processing, some harness routing changes are required.
-Due to the limited space in the engine room, we recommend removing the engine when installing the turbo kit.

Reference work time: 20-28H (depending on setting)

≪Product composition≫

・Turbine: T517Z-8㎠ twin (actuator P380)
・Oil pan
・Washer tank
・Exhaust manifold, turbine outlet:
4mm thick lost wax casting
・Intercooler: TYPE16 twin
・Compression tube: Aluminum 50φ to 70φ
・Suction tube: Aluminum 60φ
・Air cleaner: AIRINX S60
・Genuine exhaust gasket

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