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Garrett TA3410 0.63AR T3/T4 60-1 Turbo

Garrett TA3410 0.63AR T3/T4 60-1 Turbo

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Part Number: 715583-5006S

The TA3410 is a journal bearing Turbocharger with 0.63AR Exhaust housing.

Why buy a Chinese or unknown brand turbo when these are so well priced!

Compressor specs:
Compressor outlet - 2.5" Hose
Compressor inlet - 4.0" hose T04S
Compressor Air Ratio : 0.70AR
Compressor Wheel Size : 59.03mm
Compressor Wheel Trim : T3/T4 60-1 T04S

Center Section specs:
- Oil cooled (no water lines needed)
- Rebuildable Journal Bearing

Turbine specs:
Turbine wheel Trim : 76
Turbine outlet - 4 Bolt
Turbine inlet - 4-Bolt T3
Turbine Wheel Inducer: 65mm
Turbine Wheel Exducer: 57mm

- For 350hp - 650hp applications.
- For displacements of 2.0Ltr - 3.5Ltr.

Garrett TA3410 T3/60-1 Turbo T3/T04S hybrid
This turbo will flow enough for 550 HP. 100% genuine Garrett T3/60-1 (T04S) Hybrid Turbo charger.
High Flow Stage-III turbine wheel with your pick of turbine housing & A/R. Large T04S (60-1) compressor snail with 4.00 inlet and 2.50" outlet.
An outstanding turbo for 4, 6 & 8 cylinder engines using a T3 exhaust manifold that require up to 550 horsepower.
This turbo will provide more power then any T3/T04E turbo.

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