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ENDLESS MX72 / EP291 / Rear Brake Pad Set Nissan / Mitsubishi / Subaru Brembo

ENDLESS MX72 / EP291 / Rear Brake Pad Set Nissan / Mitsubishi / Subaru Brembo

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Part Number: EP291MX72

For Street and Track Use

MX72 is the ultimate street ceramic-carbon-metallic compound developed for extreme speeds and power. MX72 is suited for use in a power brake system with or without ABS and EPS. A high heat resistance compound which can be used for street as well as track days, with MX72 there is no need to change pads for such an event. Drivers of heavy / powerful (high-inertia) cars will find MX72 to be an excellent choice for high-performance street use. The MX72 compound exhibits very low compression resulting in a very good pedal feel.

Temperature Rating 50-700ºC
Friction Rating 0.37-0.47µ

Bendix DB1521 shape.

These pads will fit the following: Nissan Skyline BNR32 (GT-R V-spec) - BCNR33 (GT-R) - BNR34 (GT-R V-spec / V-spec N1) Nissan Stagea WGNC34 (RB26DETT Autech version) Mitsubishi Lancer CP9A (Evolution 5/6 / GSR / RS / with brembo) - CT9A (Evolution 7 / GSR / RS / with brembo) - CT9A (Evolution 8 / GSR / RS / with brembo) - CT9A (Evolution 9 / GSR / GT / with brembo) - CT9WÂ (Evolution) Subaru Impreza GDB (WRX STi / with brembo) - GDB (with brembo) - GRBÂ (WRX STi / with brembo) - GRF (with brembo) - GVB / GRF / GVF (with brembo) - GDB (WRX STi specC TYPE RA-R) Subaru Legacy BES (S401 / with brembo) - BP5 / BL5 (STi / with brembo) - BP9 BL9 (STi S402)

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