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ENDLESS ME22 / EP307 / Front Brake Pad Set Honda Integra

ENDLESS ME22 / EP307 / Front Brake Pad Set Honda Integra

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Part Number: EP307ME22

For Track Day, Circuit and Rally Racing

ME22 was developed from the ME20 base compound for sprint race, rally and semi-endurance applications. The material offers an average friction co-efficient slightly lower than ME20. ME22 exhibits a flat predictable torque curve for optimum modulation. Very good pedal feel with good initial bite. ME22 will suit drivers that prefer to use relatively high pedal pressures while maintaining good control and modulation. ME22 has a good heat range with brake performance and pedal feel remaining superb even at disc temps of 550-700 deg C. The material works from cold and reaches its optimum working temperature after just a few brake applications. A good choice for light to medium weight race cars that run OE brake boosters.

Temperature Rating 150-800ºC
Friction Rating 0.33-0.38µ

These pads will fit the following Honda:
Integra DC1 (with ABS) - DC2 - DB7/8 (V-TEC) - DB6 (with ABS) - DB6 (with ABS) - DB8 (TYPE-R) - DB8 (except TYPE-R)
Orthia - EL1/2/3

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