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CUSCO Low Car Wheel Ramp Pair

CUSCO Low Car Wheel Ramp Pair

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Part Number: A517-SL99

CUSCO Low Car Wheel Ramp Pair
SKU: A517-SL99

Cusco Japan have been making these since August 2014 and there are many others on the market that are similar but we believe imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, do not be fooled by all the cheaper Chinese made units on the market today.

Gone are the days where you have to get the scissor jack under the car to lift one side just to get the bigger jack under the car!

Just simply drive your car over the ramps and you can easily fit the jack under the side by removing the lower section or straight into the diff/subframe.

Featuring a new two-piece design, you can remove the rear half of the slope after youre driven out which allows unrestricted access for your trolley jack.

Used in 2 pairs (set of 4), These are also handy if you have a classic car that you want to store off the ground (having the wheels on concrete all the time will deteriorate the tyres). The unique construction of these ramps will ensure no moisture collects around the tyres.

PERFECT for home garage and race day in the pits Gentle approach angle to accommodate even the lowest car without fouling the front bar/spoiler, also prevents the ramp shooting forward when trying to drive up it (anyone who has driven up ramps would know that feeling!) Ideal for low sports cars to get access for trolley jacks When two pairs are used they are ideal for classic car storage lifting the car and preventing the build up of moisture under the tyres.

They pack back into their box into a compact overall size of 21 x 45 x 23cm

Max load rating is 3000KG

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