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Cusco Type OS rear strut brace / Honda Civic Type R (EP3)

Cusco Type OS rear strut brace / Honda Civic Type R (EP3)

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Part Number: 322-541-A

Vehicle Fitment:
Honda Civic Type R (EP3)

  • While driving, the body of a car bends, twists, and distorts at an invisible level due to external forces (input from the road surface). A stiff body will distort less, and a less stiff body will distort more.
  • So what happens when the body is distorted? Flexing the body to a certain extent helps the body absorb the impact from the road surface, which can lead to improved comfort. However, if the body is distorted, the force that you want to convey to the road surface will also be absorbed, leading to a decline in cornering performance and traction performance.
  • Therefore, in order to enjoy sports driving, it is essential to increase the rigidity of the body, but installing a front strut bar is an easy and effective way. The area around the strut tower, where the suspension is fixed, is susceptible to input from the road surface, and especially the front, which is used for steering, has a large impact on handling. Automakers, who prioritize cost, sometimes use genuine front strut bars to improve handling performance. That's why it's a body reinforcement part that can get a big effect.
  • The strut bar is a "tension bar" that firmly suppresses the deformation of the left and right strut towers. Cusco's strut bars, which have been developed with feedback from many years of experience in motor sports, have a lineup of various types in pursuit of the best for each car model.


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