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CUSCO Smart Cross Lug Wrench

CUSCO Smart Cross Lug Wrench

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Part Number: 00B-060-A

CUSCO Smart Cross Lug Wrench
SKU: 00B-060-A

This is the Cusco Smart Cross Lug Wrench. This is a compact lug wrench that easily stores in your daily driver or your race car so that you have the right tool to change a flat on the side of the road or to make sure your lugs are properly torqued before participating in a track event. It gives you the flexibility of a full sized start wrench with the portability of a single wrench.

- Highly versatile design
- Multiple torque points to tighten or loosen wheels
- Folds into a compact size to easily store in your vehicle
- Has (3) different lug sizes which include 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm
- 2-piece wrench design

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