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CUSCO Rear Swaybar / WRX STI GC8 Impreza

CUSCO Rear Swaybar / WRX STI GC8 Impreza

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Part Number: 660-311-BJ21

CUSCO Rear Swaybar / WRX STI GC8 Impreza
SKU: 660-311-BJ21
Vehicle fitment: Subaru Impreza WRX including STI (Version 1 to 6)
GC8 EJ20 EJ20K EJ20G EJ204 EJ207

Includes the D-Bush rubbers for straight bolt in replacement!

Stiffness rating:
206% / 240% / 286% stiffer (compared to OEM swaybar)

Size: 21mm OD

The Cusco anti-sway bars replace the factory anti-sway bars, (if equipped) and uses the factory mounting locations.
The Cusco anti-sway bar will dramatically reduce body roll since its stiffness is greater than the factory bar or if the vehicle is not equipped with one.
The larger diameter and steel strength bar give the Cusco bar more resistance against torsion, which helps keep the vehicle stabilized during cornering and reduces weight transfer.

Increased stability while cornering as well as during high speed lane changes.
Minimizes excessive shock absorber stroke to enable a sharper handling characteristic.
Also enables correction of under or oversteer with proper utilization of this component.

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