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CUSCO Engine Mount Set / Lancer Evo 5/6

CUSCO Engine Mount Set / Lancer Evo 5/6

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Part Number: 561-911-SET

CUSCO Engine Mount Set / Lancer Evo 5/6
SKU: 561-911-SET

These engine mounts suit: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo5 / Evo V / Evolution 5 Engine 4G63 4G63T Chassis CP9A

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo6 / Evo VI / Evolution 6 Engine 4G63 4G63T Chassis CP9A

The Cusco Engine Mount Set utilize a higher strength formulation of rubber compound, called HD Rubber.
Replacing your factory mounts with these will stabilize your powertrain and help eliminate that annoying chatter or knocking from old, broken mounts. The result is a more linear and direct engine feel during high revolutions, which translates to a more responsive power output in reference to throttle position. Used in professional motorsports across the world, beware of imitators and make sure to get the original Cusco mounts.

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