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CUSCO Rear LSD Oil 1L 80W140

CUSCO Rear LSD Oil 1L 80W140

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Part Number: 010-001-R01

CUSCO Rear LSD Oil 1L 80W140
SKU: 010-001-R01

Smooth oil characteristics despite high viscosity High power FR, 4WD rear differential only, exerts stable LSD effect even under harsh usage conditions

Upgrade base oil by advanced hydrorefining The highest quality LSD oil, which is a blend of highly viscosity index base oil (mineral oil) upgraded by advanced hydrorefining, chemically synthesized base oil PAO and polyol ester.

Developed exclusively for rear LSD with low oil capacity The high lubricating oil film provides excellent lubrication performance, little change in viscosity from low temperature to high temperature, high heat resistance, and stable lubrication performance even at high temperatures. The high dissolving power of the base oil brings out the full performance of the additive. Furthermore, because it is a blend of chemical components that are completely free of impurities.

The double-layer system using newly developed additives (boron-based, sulfur-based + phosphorus-based) provides excellent wear prevention effect without impairing the effectiveness of LSD. It reduces plate wear, which is said to be the life of the differential, prevents oil deterioration, and maintains initial performance.

Prevents chattering even with No.140 oil, which has high viscous resistance The rear LSD oil contains a unique special FM agent (friction modifier) ??that matches the 140th oil, which has high viscous resistance. Therefore, it exhibits excellent friction characteristics, prevents stick slip, and prevents chattering * 1 (abnormal noise from the differential, abnormal vibration). CUSCO rear exclusive LSD oil [rear differential exclusive] Target differential FR, 4WD rear

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