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CUSCO Mission Oil 1L 75W85

CUSCO Mission Oil 1L 75W85

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Part Number: 010-002-M01

CUSCO Mission Oil 1L 75W85
SKU: 010-002-M01

Demonstrates excellent synchronization characteristics and retains oil film even under harsh usage conditions

Demonstrates excellent synchronization characteristics With high quality base oil, FM agent (friction modifier) ??developed exclusively for missions exerts excellent synchro characteristics more effectively. Of course, it also holds the oil film under harsh conditions at the same time. In addition, FM agent (friction modifier) ??improves shift feeling and protects synchro from intense shift work in motor sports.

Achieves both extended sync life and LSD effectiveness The synchro characteristics of the excellent FM agent (friction modifier) also exhibit LSD performance, making it ideal for FF vehicles equipped with LSD. It has both the extension of the life of the sync and the effect of LSD.

Excellent heat resistance and smooth shift feeling even at low temperatures 75W-85 viscosity grade that does not impair the shift feeling at low temperatures. Since the base oil has high purity, it has excellent heat resistance. It eliminates the anxiety of users who used engine oil for missions and ATF, which has low viscosity while being too anxious to ask only for shift feeling in the race. CUSCO Mission Oil [Lubricates differential and mission at the same time]

Target differential FF, MR, 4WD front

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