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BorgWarner EFR 9174 Super-Core Aluminium

BorgWarner EFR 9174 Super-Core Aluminium

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Part Number: 1291-909-7000

Turbo Family: EFR 9174 Super-Core Aluminium
Compressor Type: Forged-Milled Wheel (FMW) Extended Tip
Compressor Inducer: 68mm
Compressor Exducer: 91mm
Max Flow Rate: 95 lb/min
Built-in BOV: All EFR compressor housings incorporate an integrated BOV.
Turbine Inducer: 74mm
Turbine Exducer: 65mm
Compressor A/R: .57
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
Bearing Cooling: Oil & Water

Flange Details:
Compressor Inlet Flange: 4.0" Hose
Compressor Outlet Flange: 2.5" Hose with integrated V/band option

Turbo Characteristics:
Turbo Size: Large frame
Intended Application: Medium to High power
Expected Power Output: 500 to 950 HP : 370 to 705 kw
Additional Comments:

Dual Row Ceramic Ball Bearings - lowest friction and fastest spool/response, most extreme durability, built-in 2mm oil restrictor
Watercooled Center Section - watercooling is recommended, 14mm banjo bolts
Double seals on both turbine and compressor end for extreme durability and resistance to any oil seepage
Boost Control Solenoid Valve Integrated to Compressor Housing
Integrated Speed Sensor mounting provisions

Requires Aluminium clamp kit for installation 5900-711-9005

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